UPDATE: August 31, 2012

I have learned that there is another member of Orakio Rob's team that deserves to be pointed out: CUE! - Kyence

Lutz Read Me file
Noah Read Me file

Here are the English localizations of the Playstation 2 remake of Phantasy Star, otherwise known as Phantasy Star: Generation 1. The game is copyright of Sega of Japan/Sega Ages. These English localizations are provided free and are intended for those that already own the original Japanese game; it is not intended in lieu of a purchase of the original game.

Here is where you can purchase the original Japanese game disc:

Amazon Listing Page for Phantasy Star Generation 1

The English localizations are below:
The downloads have been changed to provide only the files that need to be used, not the full game.

PSG1 with Lutz ZIP (20MB)

PSG1 with Noah ZIP (20MB)

Additional materials and information can be found at:



Special Thanks to: Sega,Tryphon, Orakio Rob, Ignitz, Rodolfo, CUE, and Missagh Alami